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Gupta Brothers has two portions :) one is the sweetshop and the other the restaurant above! Among the sweets I love their lad...Read More
Priyanka Gupta

This place is aweosme...very easy to locate... im in love with the gulab jamuns and the jilebis... A must visit for anyone...Read More
Subhayan Foodie Basu

Almost everything that I have tried here till date seemed to have satisfied my taste buds. That said, there are two specif...Read More
Abhishek Panchali

Triangular park er thik kacha kachi gupta bros er dokan ti obostito.. purono dokaney notun er abhaas........... apnara plz...Read More
Mukherjee Debarshi

They serves great variety of sweets, absolute divine and fresh. Yeah definitely u can opt for their foods as well (special...Read More
Subhabrata Majumdar

I love Marwari food and Gupta Borthers is a shop that combines great sweets with Marwari food like Raj Kachori and its you...Read More
Arjun Chakrabarti

This prime location sweet shop is located just opposite the New Alipore Triangular park... they are famous for their veget...Read More
Shounak Ray

I have been to this place only once& I was thoroughly impressed, No undue pretensions, no fake confetti, this place un...Read More

this place is one of my favourite places to have full vegetarian food..every dish served here is soooooooo delicious...i l...Read More
Triasha Banerjee

You can't beat this place for consistency. This is another bigger branch of Gupta Brothers that serves up meals along with...Read More
Rukshana Kapadia

Terms & Conditions


1. The prices shown are all in Indian rupees (INR). Products selected will be delivered to the selected address by the customer.


2. Normally products are delivered in the convenient time of the day.


3. Their special respective polices if the order is delivered through speed post/ courier or registered post. Gupta BrothersNew Alipore may charge the cost if the order is canceled at the last moment.


4. Gupta Brothers will not be liable for any damage/loss or any delay in the delivery because of any accident or natural calamity, riots, war, commotion, air/traffic/road disruption, delay, local/political disruption. If any such incident that is beyond the control of the company happens then company will not be liable to refund or take responsibility of the loss or delay.


5. Company will also not be liable for the loss of reputation, profit or loss of income due to the loss of consignment, or damage in consignment. Company will not be liable for any loss or damage in products or delay or non delivery of the consignment due to act of god, natural calamity or accidents or things beyond the control of the company (mentioned in point 4). It may cause any damage to the consumer’s reputation or loss of income any other kinds of lose but company will not take the liability even it is in the knowledge of the company.


6. Gupta BrothersNew Alipore will try its level best for fast delivery. The expected delivery time is between 2-3 days (working days) of the order. The time may vary depending on the location and its communication system.


7. Gupta Brothers take enough cautions on the delivery. It will not be responsible for miss delivery of the consignment if the receiver in the given address damages or fails to deliver the product to the person named in the order after taking the rights of the products from carrier.


8. Products shown in the site may vary. It does not carry any warranty or condition that it will be damage free or will be reconciled if any damage happens.


9. Products and its presentation are indicative. The accessories displayed are not also part of the product. Actual presentation arrangement of the product may vary because it passes through several conditions and scenarios.


10. If some how the product ordered is not available in that city then product with equal value will replace it.


11. Gupta Brothers delivers the product shown in the site and we make it from the proper sources. But in unavoidable condition if the product and its source are unavailable then the Gupta Brothers holds the right to alter the product with almost similar kinds. If the product of similar nature is not available then the customer will be informed to wait or cancel the order.


12. If the order is confirmed then it can’t be changed or altered without the permission of the company.


13. If the condition of the consignment is expected to spoil before the order then the company reserves the right to alter it with other similar product.


14. Gupta BrothersNew Alipore charges the prices shown in the website but in sudden unavoidable condition it may change the price without prior notification.


15. Gupta Brothers may make separate arrangement for the gift items if the courier refuses to accept any such products in one package. Gupta Brothers holds the right to make alteration in the packing of consignment for smooth delivery.


16. Gupta Brothers always try their best to deliver the products fresh and in top condition but if any spoil in the condition happens to late delivery then the company shall not be responsible.


17. Gupta Brothers will not be responsible if the delivered product not satisfies the expectation of the customer.


18. If any unlikely disagreement happens in the service of the Gupta Brothers then the dispute will be subject to Kolkata court.


19. The customer automatically accepts the terms and conditions stated above soon after placing the order. It is advised that the customer reads the terms and condition carefully before placing the order.


20. Gupta Brothers holds the rights to hold back the delivery of the product if the acknowledgment of the delivery is not proper. The company shall not be liable to any loss because of such non delivery. It will also hold the right to charge the delivery cost of such product.


21. Customer must mention full address with proper pin code number and phone number. Products will not be delivered to any postal box number. Company will also not be liable to present any attestation of the delivery for the consignments to be delivered to governmental and semi governmental organization.


22. Customer is obliged to pay any charges like road tax, sales tax, air/railway transport demurrage charges or such extra charges that may occur for the delivery of the product.


23. The company shall not be liable to any record related to the delivery after 30 days of the delivery.


24. Company will be liable to provide the only soft copy confirming delivery given by the logistic company. But payment must be made without any such presentation. The soft copy will only be presented if any disputes occur regarding the service and the delivery.


25. The terms and condition presented are also fro the behalf of the logistic partner of the company.


26. Customer agrees with the company to take the responsibility that charges made by any other person who is not subject to the order will not be entertained. If such charges are made customer will pay the funds that will be spent in defending the company.


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